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Weinparadies a. d. Deutschen Weinstraße

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Good day .. we are glad to have you here!

Welcome to Kallstadt and especially in our wine paradise on the German Wine Route. Kallstadt and it will know many visitors to the Palatinate, in recent years developed into a tourist attraction and is one of the 3 most popular wines in the Palatinate and the Rhine-Neckar.
What are the reasons? First-class cuisine and fine wines, hospitality and expertise, the unique location and proximity to the centers-Bad Dürkheim, Speyer, Heidelberg and Mannheim and the finding that there is almost always something going on!

Our wine paradise on the German Wine Route in Kallstadt is so "inside the heart and combines all the advantages mentioned Kallstadt` s and has to offer even more.
We are the only house for miles, in which the visitor is a full-service program offered by the best quality. "Everything under one roof" - you stroll along our own wine route, you get spoiled by our kitchen and try our fine wines & spirits. Visit our wonderful shops seduce and get to a wine tasting discussed.
Put on our great patio right up to the vineyards of the feet and let your soul-ja, you are in paradise-paradise in the wine at the German Wine Road in Kallstadt.

And if you now have a little time, then take a look at this closely. We have a lot to offer and we would like to inform all interested parties: the visitors love the Palatinate, the tour operators, travel groups and all the special.
"We are excited to see YOU" ... her team from the continuous barrier-free wine paradise on the German Wine Route.

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